Today I have a super interesting podcast episode for you with former professional triathlete and now co-founder and CEO of RaceRanger, James Elvery from New Zealand.

During the next hour we learn more about the experiences which james has made in his professional career in Triathlon, when and how the idea for RaceRanger, the first drafting detection system in triathlon came up, how RaceRanger works and what the benefits of RaceRanger will be in the future, we talk about the RaceRanger Roadmap and how we as triathletes can support RaceRanger by showing our interest in their concept to stop drafting in triathlon via crowdfunding on GoFundme, and many other topics.

So, I wish you a lot of fun within the next minutes with the podcast interview together with James Elvery, Co-Founder and CEO of RaceRanger. Enjoy…


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My name is Marco Sommer and I hope that you enjoyed listening to this interview with James Elvery from RaceRanger.

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Thank you very much for tuning in today and have a great time.

Cheers, Marco