Aloha and welcome to another episode of Triathlon-Podcast.

My name is Marco Sommer and today I have a very interesting podcast episode with Todd Furneaux, President of Supersapiens.

Together with Todd and agegrouper Carsten Lau from Germany (who has tested the glucose biosensor for sport), we talk about Supersapiens, when did it all start from idea to launch, what the product and service is about, what the benefits are for you as an athlete, about Todds own background in sports, about the future of Supersapiens and how you could become part of it, and many other topics.

Wish you a lot of fun within the next 1,5 hours with the podcast interview together with the president of Supersapiens Todd Furneaux, agegrouper Carsten Lau and myself.


Important info: the Wrist Reader (Supersapiens Energy Band) is slated to go on sale in July.


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I hope that you enjoyed listening to this interview with Todd Furneaux from


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Mahalo nui loa for tuning in and have a great time.