#183 – Interview with Gustavs Gotauts from Velosock (www.velosock.com)

Aloha! My guest today is Gustavs Gotauts who is doing Marketing at Velosock, a company from Latvia with a very cool and award winning bicycle cover product, which could be very interesting for all triathletes and velo riders out there who have not heard about the product yet.

With Gustavs I talk in this online interview about the velosock product range, when the idea came up by the founder of the company, what the benefits are for each user of the bicycle cover, a further and very big USP of the cover, what the aim of velosock is for the next months /years and other topics.

So I hope that you enjoy the talk with Gustavs and that you will learn a lot about Velosock within the next minutes.

Very interesting product range don’t you think? I love the fact that you can customize the velosock bicycle cover with your own design, logo, statement, etc. Awesome idea!

What are your thoughts on their bicycle cover product? Simply leave a comment below the social media post or on my website https://www.triathlon-podcast.de !

Important information for you as a Triathlon-Podcast listener – you can save 15% on your next online purchase of a velosock bicycle cover by using the promo code “PODCAST”.

Simply go onto the website https://www.velosock.com, select your bicycle cover and use the promo code when you check out in the velosock online shop.

Thanks a lot to the Velosock Team for this offering!

My name is Marco Sommer and I hope that you enjoyed listening to the interview with Gustavs Gotauts from Velosock today.

Also I would be very glad if you tune into the next upcoming English episode of Triathlon-Podcast.  

Stay tuned and have a great time.